Since our founding, VFW has been a staple in the community. Troop support, Youth activities, Volunteering and Scholarships are just a few ways your VFW shines in the many communities and cities where Posts are located. The list below shows the total national awards and programs. Contact us for more information.

Scholarship Programs

  • Voice of Democracy - This audio-essay competition annually awards more than $1.9 million in scholarships to students in grades 9-12. First place winner receives $30,000 scholarship
  • Patriot’s Pen - more than $500,000 is awarded annually to students in grades 6-8 in this essay contest. The first place winner receives $5,000 a U.S. Savings Bond
  • Scout of the Year - Three scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding scouts. First place receives $5,000, second place received $3,000 and third place receives $1,000.

Community Volunteerism

Each year, VFW Members volunteer more than 8.6 million hours of service to various community endeavors

  • Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service - VFW was charter member in 1946. On average, more than 5,000 VFW volunteers donate 1,000,000 hours of service annually at VA medical Centers.
  • March of Dimes - VFW Posts raise an average of $100,000 annually for the March of Dimes( MOD).

Educational Outreach

  • Echoes from the Wall - VFW partnered with the Vietnam Veterans memorial Fund to distribute a curriculum, Echoes from the Wall, to 25,000 public and private high schools and donated $50,000 to the project.
  • Educational Brochures - VFW produces and distributes a flag brochure and poster as well as background material for Memorial day and Veterans Day.
  • Veterans in the Classroom - November is officially know as "VFW Veterans in the Classroom Month”. Members demonstrate flag etiquette and share their wartime experiences with America’s youth.

Youth Activities

Locally, VFW Posts sponsor various youth sporting programs such as baseball and Ice Hockey. In addition many VFW Posts sponsor Boy and Girl Scout troops, Junior Olympics, Bike Safety, JROTC units, Drill Teams, Color Guards and various other programs to build good citizenship and exemplary character in America’s youth.

Troop Support

  • Military Assistance Program (MAP) - the link between the VFW and the military community has provided over 1,800 grants to VFW Departments and Posts for morle-boosting events since 2005, hosting more than 1.6 million military members and their families at these events.
  • Adopt-a-Unit - More than 1,900 units and ships have been adopted through VFW Posts since 2007. VFW National Headquarters adopted the USS Cole in 2002.
  • Care Packages - Post across the country show their support by collecting and distributing much needed items for our troops.
  • VFW Operation Uplink ™ - Introduced in 1996, this program connects active duty personnel and hospitalized veterans with family members through free phone time and VFW "Free Call Day.” Since its inception, Operation Uplink has provided millions of free connections, currently averaging over 40,000 per month.
  • VFW Unmet Needs - this program administers emergency financial grants to military families to help cover basic living expenses. (childcare, food, rent/mortgage)